5 Tips to help you declutter your home

5 Tips to help you declutter your home

Now that Spring is finally here it is the perfect time to start cleaning and decluttering your home. This process can be overwhelming and many consumers look around and are discouraged by not knowing where to start and what to do first. Make sure you have a cleaning schedule set to make things easier on yourself and your household. For information on starting a cleaning schedule or routine check out  our home cleaning schedule post. Decluttering your home will make your daily cleaning routine easier. With less clutter around, you will easily be able to keep up with your daily cleaning routine. Oftentimes messy or cluttered homes and work spaces leave us with feelings of anxiety, being overwhelmed and even helpless. We check out these 5 helpful tips for you to use during the decluttering process. 

1. Start with the areas you can see

Walk into a room as if you’re a guest. What are the areas that immediately stick out to you? Once you declutter the surfaces then you can focus on the areas that you can not see right away. 

 2. The 3 important questions. 

 A great way to start decluttering your home is to walk into a room and focus on 10 objects. When evaluating those objects ask yourself these three questions. 1. Do I truly need this? 2. Is this something I actually use? 3. Does this item bring me happiness? These questions will help you to decide if you should keep this item. If not, throw it away or donate it. If you don’t need it then don’t just find a new home for it in another room, throw it away or donate it.  

3. 10-10-10 scavenger hunt challenge
  • Try to find 10 of each:
  • Items that you can donate.
  • Things you can throw away.
  • Items that need to be put away or returned to their proper home. 

This challenge is a great way to include your family in the decluttering process. 

4. Managing your mail 

If you do not have the time to handle the mail when you bring it in your home then you shouldn’t start it. Make sure you have a place for your mail so that you don’t end up with stacks of mail all over. When you are ready to start sorting your mail, sort them into 3 piles (bills, junk mail and other correspondence). Open all of your bills first and keep the important pieces that you will need later on. Next throw away your junk mail. If you receive catalogs that you no longer want, contact the company to cancel the subscription. If you end up having multiple catalogs/ magazines laying around the house only keep one of each. When you receive your next copy throw the older one away.  

5. Donate clothes that you do not wear

Start by looking through your closet for items that you know you do not wear and can donate. Next make all of the hangers go in one direction. After wearing an item, make the hanger go in the opposite direction. After a few months evaluate which items you did not wear and donate them. 


I hope that you find these tips to be helpful! Keep in mind that if you need any assistance we are here to help with any of your projects!! Call us at (330) 834-0008

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