Career vs. Job

A career has the possibility for advancement within the company; job has minimal, if any, opportunity for advancement.

A career has motivational incentives driving your success; jobs may not have the ability to address individual successes.

A career has lifetime benefits that carry on through your employment status; jobs may not offer benefits or the opportunity for benefits is not financially attainable.


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Which Path Would You Choose?

Brahler’s Cleaning & Restoration has been serving Stark, Summit, and Tuscarawas counties as well as surrounding areas since 1976. BCR is looking for self-motivated individuals that want to learn and grow with our smoke-free company. BCR is currently accepting applications and resumes for a field position as a Carpet Cleaning Technician. This position requires excellent customer service skills to work closely with customers and vendors daily.


Qualified applicants have a desire to organize and clean with attention to detail along with a basic understanding of household repairs. Applicants should have stable work history, clean criminal background and driving record, willing to participate in random drug screenings, and be goal oriented with tasks. A background in remodeling and general construction is a plus.



Brahler’s technicians are certified and trained in-house to ensure that quality of service is never less than the best.

If you feel that you are a qualified applicant, please submit your resume to [email protected] Our staff will review your submission and respond accordingly. If you were to have any questions, please call our office staff at 330-834-0008.