Do you have a home cleaning schedule?

Do you have a home cleaning schedule?

Whether you love cleaning or hate it we understand that it is not always easy to find time to complete your cleaning tasks. When trying to plan your cleaning it is very important to have a schedule to follow, this will help keep you on track and keep you organized.  Keeping your home clean is not just about making it look nice it is also an essential part of maintaining your indoor air quality. Having good indoor air quality is critical to your health and the health of your home. We have created a cleaning schedule to help you stay organized. 


  • Make Beds
  • Empty & load dishwasher
  • Wash dishes left in sink
  • Take out trash
  • Wipe counter, table and tops of appliances
  • Wipe down bathroom surfaces
  • Vacuum and sweep floors every day or every other day especially if you have pets



  • Clean your toilet and bathtubs
  • Mop floors
  • Dust furniture 
  • Change linens  
  • Clean appliances
  • Clean mirrors 



  • Clean inside and outside of appliances
  • Clean doors and windows
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Clean vents
  • Disinfect garbage cans
  • Clean lights
  • Dust furniture and surfaces
  • Clean out your vacuum cleaner


  • Clean our refrigerator and freezer
  • Check items in pantry for expired items
  • Clean out your closets
  • Clean oven
  • Purge unused items


  •  Contact BCR  have your carpet  and upholstery cleaned
  • Have fireplace/ chimney cleaned
  • Clean dryer and vents
  • Have gutters cleaned 
  • Pressure wash home and patios


If you find yourself overwhelmed or without the time to accomplish these tasks, we are here to help you! In addition to our carpet and upholstery cleaning, our cleaning division offers many other services to our homeowners including: deep cleanings, wall washing, hard surface floor cleaning, window cleaning, pressure washing and so much more!

Give us a call at (330) 834-0008 to discuss ways to improve your Indoor Air Quality or to schedule a cleaning! 

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