Do you need a deep cleaning in your home or business?

Do you need a deep cleaning in your home or business?

Brahler’s Cleaning * Restoration * Remodeling is available for all of your deep cleaning needs at your home or business. 

Our technicians start a deep clean by providing a thorough cleaning of the surfaces in the room. Prior to using a disinfectant, cleaning with soap and hot water will decrease any virus or bacteria on your surfaces or objects further lowering the risk of spreading. During a deep cleaning we recommend cleaning all high touch surfaces. This including door knobs, tables, chairs, counters, handles in kitchens and full restroom facilities. You may also want to consider having your furniture, carpeting and mattresses cleaned to give you peace of  mind in knowing you reduced the potential of viruses or bacteria laying in fibers and material. These are only recommendations, we will provide you with a customized deep cleaning plan to suit the needs of your home or business. 


As an added layer of protection we will apply a disinfectant using EMist. EMist is the Electrostatic sprayer used by our technicians. It places an electrostatic charge to disinfectants as it leaves the spray nozzle. This causes the solution droplets to cling to virtually any surface. This provides consistent and even coverage for the droplets to adhere to vertical, horizontal and 3 dimensional surfaces.

Per the EPA positively charged disinfectant droplets are attracted to negatively charged environmental surfaces allowing for improved coverage on virtually any environmental surface. The EMist technology also played a large role in applying disinfectants during the 2014 Ebola crisis.

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This video explains more about the emist technology!


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