What method of cleaning do you use?

Brahler’s developed a unique 7 Step Cleaning Process using high temperature water and extraction strokes. This method has proven to be most effective for the results are customers are looking for. We also have an Encapsulation Process which we mainly use for our Commercial Carpet Cleaning customers.

What is your price per room for carpet cleaning?

We do not feel it is fair to our customers to price carpet cleaning per room. Our customers buy their carpet per square foot and we clean carpets the same way. If your Living Room is 10×10 and your neighbor’s Living Room is 20×20, you would expect to pay less for your carpets instead of one flat rate.

How does an application of carpet protectant, protect my carpet? Is it a necessary purchase?

A Carpet Protectant is applied after a professional cleaning. It is applied to the surface of your carpet and raked into the fibers from multiple directions. This ensures that all sides of the carpet fibers have the protectant applied. The protectant covers exposed areas of the fibers where dirt, dust and other particles “hide”. Those tiny particles sit on top of the surface of the fiber instead of getting absorbed. We recommend a carpet protectant application to customers who have highly trafficked areas in their home or office, pets or children. Customers who rarely have visitors with low foot traffic wouldn’t necessarily need a carpet protectant application.

How often do you recommend having your carpets cleaned?

On average, we say to have your carpets cleaned every 12-18 months regularly. For more highly trafficked, soiled areas, we would recommend every 6-8 months.

What can I do to prolong the life of my carpets in between my professional cleanings?

Vacuum regularly! Statistics show that between 70-80% of dry soils are removed during vacuuming. Have your professional evaluate your vacuum for maximum efficiency. Make sure your belt is tight, the bristle bar is at the best height to create air movement, your bag is not full or overflowing, or your canister and filter are emptied and clean. Following these steps will help lengthen the life of your carpet.

Can you guarantee the removal of pet odors and stains?

Due to the level of saturation and levels of ammonia in pet urine, we cannot guarantee the removal of stains and odors. Animals may continue to mark the same spot because the odor is still within the carpet pad or sometimes, if heavily saturated, the subfloor. The products we use are of the highest quality and are very effective in removing general odors and trouble spots.


My Insurance Company is recommending a contractor to assist with my claim. If I do not use their company, will my claim get denied?

No, you as the homeowner and policy holder have the right to use whomever you choose. You are, however, required to use a licensed general contractor when repairing your home to receive the full amount owed to you from your claim. You also have an obligation to mitigate, make reasonable efforts to lessen, the damages which have already occurred to your home.

I found mold in my basement and now I have a bad cough. Should I leave my home until it gets removed?

You would want to consult your Doctor. You have probably been living with this in your home for longer than you realize. But now that you are aware of its presence, you should have it removed. We would want to determine the cause and source of the problem, then treat for mold.

How do I find out what coverage I have for Homeowner’s Insurance?

Call your Agent. Even though we work alongside Agents and Adjusters daily, we never interpreta policy holders coverage. We do encourage all our customers to review their policy for updates or changes with their local Agent.

What should I do with my damaged contents during a claim?

First, you must get photos of the damaged items. The insurance company will ask for photos of the damaged items and an inventory list of salvageable and non-salvageable items. In order to receive reimbursement of items, some insurance companies may ask you to provide receipts of purchase. If you have a lot of valuable items, you may want to consider hiring a appraisal company to assist you with determining the recoverable value.

Why should I hire a Restoration Contractor?

A Restoration Contractor has a background of a general contractor but also specializes in the knowledge of insurance claims and the processing and handling of those claims from submission to negotiation of settlement. Unlike other types of contractors, emergency restoration contractors work with the insurance companies as well as the homeowner. Their skill and knowledge in writing an accurate scope of repairs is instrumental in obtaining an expeditious and complete settlement. Restoration contractors should be licensed, bonded, and insured which offers you the protection and security knowing your insurance claim dollars will be put to good use and quality workmanship.