How do I know if I have wind damage?

How do I know if I have wind damage?

A storm that fails to produce torrential rains or baseball size hail can still cause significant damage to your roof and home. High winds have been known to cause enough damage to warrant repair or replacement. At 50 to 60 mph, strong winds can topple trees, bring down power lines, and throw debris to and fro.

Checking your roof after storms or strong winds is a great habit to form. Document any concerns you find and call your insurance agent to verify policy coverage. If you are unable to physically inspect your roof, call a contractor for an inspection.

Roof damage can be as apparent as missing shingles, visible from ground level or shingles laying in your yard. “Bent” shingles that have been lifted by the wind can allow for water and moisture to enter your structure. You will also want to inspect your attic or crawl space for visible water damage or leaks. Water stains on ceilings or walls would indicate a repair is needed. Missing pieces of fascia including displaced chimney pieces can also be visible from ground level and would need to be evaluated for repair or replacement.

Damage would be quite obvious if a tree feel on your home. Make sure you stay clear of the area until a professional determines your home’s structure is safe and secure. Hire a licensed and bonded company to remove the tree and evaluate the damage for repairs. Before you hire any contractor or company, verify coverage with your insurance company or agent. If you don’t, you may find yourself paying a larger piece of that pie directly out of your pocket.

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