How to Protect Your Home from Winter Weather

How to Protect Your Home from Winter Weather

Freezing rain and heavy snow can bring unstable branches crashing down. Make sure to call a professional Arborist to remove the debris safely and efficiently. Damage to your home can be stabilized by a certified Restoration Company. Call your local Insurance Agent for their recommendation.

It may seem like winter has been slacking as 2018 wraps up and 2019 begins. But it looks like Mother Nature may have been a little delayed in getting her morning coffee. Weather reports are reflecting high snow accumulation, upwards of 10+ inches within the week, with freezing temperatures.

In preparation for these storms, we all have the same routine. Fill up the gas tank, find the snow shovel, stock up on sidewalk salt and groceries for the family. But do you know how to prepare your home for these storms?

Here are a few tips to put into practice before storms hit and temperatures drop. 1) Disconnect and drain garden hoses & cover outside faucets with insulated foam- water that is left in outside faucets can freeze and break unknowingly inside wall cavities causing immediate and future damage is left untreated. 2) Open cabinet doors under sinks- the warm air circulating around your home can help prevent pipes from freezing. 3) Use a hair dryer or portable heater to thaw frozen pipes- this might take a little time but the alternative could be time consuming and costly to repair the damage.

Taking all the necessary precautions to protect your home is not always a guarantee though. Accidents do happen. Make sure you know who to call during this time. Have your Insurance policy readily available to call your Agent to verify your coverage. A good agent will have a list of reputable Restoration Contractors they have experience working with and recommend. At the end of the day, you have the choice of who you want working in your home.

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