Roofs Collapse from Heavy Snow

Roofs Collapse from Heavy Snow

There are many factors that go into “snow-induced structural failures,” including a roof’s shape, slope, construction, maintenance, exposure to wind, and the type of snow that has accumulated. Our increased temperatures and rain fall is also adding to the weight on these roofs.

According to FEMA, heavy, wet snow can weigh upwards of 21 lbs per square foot and ice can weigh more than 57 lbs per square foot. With the average roof size being approximately 2,000 sqft, this amount of weight can be disastrous and costly.

While most roofs can sustain 20 lbs per square foot of snow, you need to determine whether or not your roof can withstand the added weight. Sagging ceiling tiles, jammed doors or windows, ceiling cracks or water marks can be clear indications that you may have a distressed roof.

If you are aware of visible damage to your roof or deterioration due to age, it might be time to call a roofer or general contractor to determine the structural integrity of your roof. Do not chance that everything will melt safely, you don’t want to be caught in an avalanche of snow and debris.

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