Scary Truth: What You Should Do if Your Home has Damage

Scary Truth: What You Should Do if Your Home has Damage

Hello Readers! As Halloween approaches, its only fair to get in the scary spirit with a spooky tale. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the fright!


It was late. Pitch black and silent. The wind started to pick up. You begin to hear the brushing branches of the old oak tree against your bedroom window, scratching to come in. You turn your back to the noise, trying to fall back to sleep.


As you focus in on the sounds around you, you begin to hear a distinct rhythm in the background. Ping. Ping. Ping. The unfamiliar sound prompts you to investigate. With a flashlight in one hand and a bat in another, you slowly begin to creep down the stairs. Ping. Ping. Ping. The closer you get to the basement, the louder the sound.


You close your eyes, waiting for the cold steel of the handle to greet your hand and begin your i

nvestigation down the basement stairs. Creek, step one. Crack, step two. Silence for steps three, four, and five. Ping…. Ping…. Ping. Ping. Ping. You take your last step into darkness and….. SPLASH! Your slipper becomes a sunken ship under inches of water from an undiscovered broken pipe.


Now some of you may be reading this thinking: How is that scary? But for many Homeowners, the thought of their home becoming damaged is a devastatingly scary thought. When one of your biggest, long term investments becomes compromised, do you know what to do?


Statistics show that the majority of homeowner’s will file at least one property claim in their lifetime. Now unforeseen circumstances such as equipment malfunction, damaged or faulty material, and weather could increase this number. If you find yourself in a situation where you have suffered unexpected damage to your home or business, your first step would be to call your Insurance Agent or Insurance Company to file a claim and begin the claim process.


Now that you have an open property damage claim, you will want to hire a restoration contractor, like Brahler’s Cleaning & Restoration. A restoration contractor specializes in insurance restoration work, providing immediate emergency services like window/ door board up, temporary roof repair, water extraction and dry out. A restoration contractor typically has the background of a general contractor but also has the skill and knowledge of insurance claims, from processing, handling, submitting and negotiating a settlement.


As an experienced professional restoration contractor, Brahler’s Cleaning & Restoration knows the correct and most efficient way to write a scope of repairs to assist in processing your claim faster, working to restore your home back to its original condition. With Brahler’s Cleaning & Restoration, you will feel at ease knowing that you have ONE company in your home start to finish. From Mitigation Services (Emergency Services to prevent any further damage from occurring to your home) to the Re-Construction & Repairs so that you can return to the home you know and love.


Having a licensed, bonded, and insured cleaning, restoration, and remodeling contractor, like Brahler’s, offers you the protection and security of knowing your dollars will be put to good use and quality workmanship.



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