Six More Weeks of Winter……. Take the Good with the Bad

Six More Weeks of Winter……. Take the Good with the Bad

Friday, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and confirmed our deepest fears. Six more weeks of WINTER! Have we not endured enough snow, freezing temperatures, and snow days with our crazy children already?! Six more weeks of winter brings more salt on the roads, dirtying my car to welcome the opportunity for clever passerby’s to write “Wash Me” on my side door. Six more weeks of winter brings fluctuating temperatures that causes my family to adjust the thermostat every other day. Six more weeks of winter reminds me that the Easter bunny will be making his visit VERY soon and I have no where for him to go. So what do I do with the six more weeks of unpredictable Ohio weather and its effects on my home?

To start, removing the Ice Melt  (Rock Salt) from my carpet. It is a simple process that can help remove those white crusty areas that have built up in your entry way throughout the winter. First vacuum to remove the rocks prior to having your carpets professionally cleaned by a Certified Cleaner. Next, make sure your Carpet Cleaner uses high quality cleaning solutions, such as Jon-Don’s Matrix Target Tannin Stain Remover. Agitate with a brush or carpet rake and provide adequate dwell time. The final, and most important, step in eliminating those pesky troubled areas is to rinse and extract the cleaning solution using a truck mounted cleaning unit.

Carpets cleaned, check! But the varying temperatures have me concerned. Exposed pipes can freeze in low temperatures causing a build up of ice, putting pressure on the area and causing it to split. It is not until the area thaws and water begins to flow, that you will notice the abundance of water gathering in your home. Frozen pipes are not uncommon around this time of year and taking the proper precautions like insulating your unprotected pipes can save you thousands of dollars in damages. Not to mention the headache of “Who do I call?”

By my furry friend, Phil, seeing his shadow last week, this gave me the gift of time. And who doesn’t need more time in their life? Planning to remodel an unfinished area in your home can be an on-going thorn in your side. Who has the extra time to get paint selections, choose carpet or design a floor plan? And where should I begin? Six more weeks of winter and then it’s Easter. Easter means family is coming over for dinner and children running around the house with no place to go. Why not take that unfinished area in the basement and give them a space to call their own and out of your hair. By partnering with a General Contractor, you don’t have to go searching for your hidden eggs. A General Contractor has the ability and knowledge to tackle all your remodeling needs. Finding the RIGHT General Contractor to “put all your eggs” with, well that’s a different story. In my opinion, choose someone local, with longevity in the community. A company with a physical location, you are welcome to visit anytime. Ask questions and make sure you get a clear picture of what YOUR project will entail. Your guests will Thank You, and so will the Easter Bunny.

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