Why Brahler’s?

Why Brahler’s?

This photo was taken by our Cleaning division manager Tiffany and shows our process at work!

Our 7 Step Carpet Cleaning Process:

At Brahler’s Cleaning and Restoration, we follow our 7-Step cleaning process to ensure you receive a thorough carpet cleaning.  Our process begins with using our commercial vacuum cleaner with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters) to trap small particles that regular vacuum cleaners would recirculate back into the air in your home. Next, we pre-condition all traffic areas and trouble spots using high quality cleaning solutions. Then, we lift soil away from the edges of the room by Edge Cuffing, along with wiping down baseboards. We will then move your furniture and place your items on carpet tabs to protect the furniture and to prevent marks on the newly cleaned carpet. We clean carpets using fresh water from our state-of-the-art truck mount cleaning system with over lapping extraction strokes to maximize soil removal. Lastly, we spot treat any problem areas remaining and groom the carpet for a professional finished look. Call Tiffany, Nikki or Nancy at (330) 834-0008 to discuss your carpet cleaning needs.

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