Professional Cleaning Service


Certified Cleaning Services

Our certified technicians use an exclusive process when cleaning homes and businesses. The same process developed back in 1976 is still delivering exceptional results to satisfied customers. Whether you are looking for Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Area & Oriental Rug Cleaning, or Hard-Surface Flooring Cleaning, Brahler’s knows how to restore beauty to your home. Our many cleaning services will leave you wondering, what can’t they do?

Carpet Cleaning

For over 40 years, Brahler’s has been a leading competitor in the carpet cleaning industry. As an IICRC Certified Firm, we are held up the not only Brahler’s standards of work but industry standards as well. We offer a unique 7 Step Steam Cleaning process that has proven most effective over the years. You will see that Brahler’s does not run any cleaning solutions through our lines. This ensures no residue is left over from our cleaning solutions and your carpets will remain cleaner, longer if properly maintained. Learn More

Upholstery Cleaning

Brahler’s Cleaning technicians are certified with IICRC to ensure you receive the highest quality cleaning that meets industry standards and your expectations. Choosing a certified firm means that you are choosing a company who abides by an industry set code of ethics. Choosing to have a certified technician clean your upholstery & furniture means you are receiving the most effective cleaning methods with results that will prolong the life of your furniture. Saving you money year after year. Learn More

Area & Oriental Rug Cleaning

Choosing an Area Rug or Oriental Rug for your home is an investment to your homes value. Rugs cannot only protect your hard surface floors from unpredictable wear over the years but they add character to your home. Creating a sense of who you are. You probably put a lot of thought and care into selecting your rug so choosing the right company to maintain its beauty is key.

At Brahler’s, we prefer to clean Area & Oriental Rugs at our facility. Specific lighting in our Cleaning Department allows our technicians to thoroughly evaluate your rug before we clean it. This evaluation is necessary to determine the quality of the fibers, backing, and edges. A detailed report will be delivered to you prior to the cleaning to share our professional thoughts or concerns. After your rug is cleaned, we hang our rugs to increase drying and allow air circulation through the fibers. Your rug is wrapped and stored until delivery. Upon delivery, our technicians will relay your rug, if you choose, closing out your full-service rug cleaning.

Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

Brahler’s cleans laminate flooring, vinyl composite tile (VCT), ceramic tile and grout, engineered vinyl plank (EVP), and hardwood floors. Our methods & cleaning solutions vary between your type of flooring and product but the results are all the same. Clean floors and satisfied customers.

Maintaining your hard surface is key to maintaining the overall integrity of your floor. Regular sweeping of dust and debris along with a thorough cleaning using the preferred cleaning method set by the product manufacturer, will assist Brahler’s Cleaning technician in restoring the beauty to your hard surface floors.

Pressure Washing

Brahler’s Cleaning technicians are equipped to safely and effectively pressure wash the exterior structures of your home or business. Driveway still showing that oil spill from last summer? Call Brahler’s! We use specific solutions that target spots and stains left over from gasoline, oil, grease, and other substances.


Pressure washing your home can be a challenge if you are unsure of your product and method. Brahler’s trains regularly on successful methods of cleaning that not only produce the results our customers desire but keeps our Team safe and secure during the process.

Gutter & Window Cleaning

  • Regular gutter cleanings not only help assist in maintaining the value of your home but it can also help prevent interior damage to your home’s structure. A clogged, blocked or damaged gutter will redirect water causing water intrusion at your homes foundation and into your basement. A regular cleaning could prevent further extensive damage to your home.


Cleaning your windows is a chore no one likes to do. But calling Brahler’s to clean the exterior and interior windows in your home is the clear choice. We are equipped to reach high skylights and those hard to reach areas. Our high-quality solutions will welcome sunlight without leaving streaks.